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Surge Protector Installation in Rowan County, NC

Your appliances are likely very valuable to you. You spent a lot of money on them, and want to protect them from damage. Power surges can damage our appliances beyond repair. Losing something like a brand-new phone to a power surge is a waste of money. Replacing these valuable devices can cause a huge dent in your bank account, and it is enough to infuriate you. 

Power surges, or voltage spikes, occur when more voltage comes through your wires than the standard household voltage levels. The average voltage levels for most appliances are between 110V-220V. Anything above 220V can damage your appliances. This may happen slowly over time, or immediately, depending on the severity of the power surge.

What causes these terrible power surges? There are many different reasons. Some are out of your hands while others could be due to a fault in your home. Voltage spikes can be a result of lightning strikes or the power in your area switching on and off. Your home’s electrical system could be to blame too. Larger electronic devices can create an increase in the amount of voltage just by powering on and off. Power surges happen throughout the day without you even knowing it. It may only come to your attention when a big enough power surge takes out one of your appliances. 

You can protect your home and family from these terrible power surges by installing whole-house surge protectors. For more information on that, contact Cables and Volts Contracting. We are happy to help you!

Treat Yourself with a Whole-House Surge Protector Installation

Installing a whole-house surge protector will prevent power surges and protect your appliances. We install this in your electrical panel and connect it directly to your main breaker. You can say goodbye to the possibility of power surges damaging your valuables with this smart device.

Reasons to Install a Whole-House Surge Protector

Save Money

While there may be an upfront cost to install a whole-house surge protector, it can save money in the long run. Installing one of these devices will definitely cost less than replacing an expensive appliance after a power surge has damaged it. Imagine replacing your whole HVAC system due to a power surge. Installing a whole-house surge protector seems like nothing when you compare it to the price of a new HVAC system or dishwasher. Don’t lose any of your appliances to power surges. Call us today to cover your home!

Easy to Maintain

Unlike repairing a larger appliance, whole-house surge protectors are easy to fix. Our skilled electricians will take care of your surge protector if something is wrong. They will have it back in working order, so you can rest easy knowing your devices are safe.

Easy to Install

Installing a whole-house surge protector is no big job for our team. The process will be over before you know it. The installation is quick and simple, as all things should be. Contact Cables and Volts Contracting to start the installation process. 

Why Install a Whole-House Surge Protector Instead of Individual Ones?

Most homeowners install power surge protectors in each outlet. This is effective in protecting your devices, but a whole-house surge protector will certainly cost less than installing individual surge protectors all over your house. It also provides full protection for the entire home so nothing is left up to chance. Your appliances will be protected no matter where they are plugged in. Installing a surge protector makes financial sense and keeps your valuables in good condition.

Should You Install Your Own Whole-House Surge Protector?

A skilled electrician will install a surge protector in your electric panel and connect it to the main circuit breaker. This takes experience and a high level of expertise to do properly. We know that installing a surge protector is easy, but it can be dangerous and complicated for someone who is not familiar with electrical systems. It is best to leave it up to a professional to ensure that your appliances receive full protection. 

Electrical Inspections

If you haven’t had an electrician inspect your home, why not schedule one with your whole-house surge protector installation in Rowan County, NC? This is a good time to assess the condition of your electrical system and ensure that your devices and appliances are connected properly. Our electricians will also ensure that your home is safe and follows standard regulations. Contact us today for a reliable electrical inspection.

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